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The Health Sector

A complex environment


We work in many sectors, but most of our work is in the health sector, where we have over 18 years of experience in both the public and private health sectors in Ireland. We have carried out a wide range of IT and management projects for acute hospitals, private clinics, disability organisations, statutory health bodies, etc, and have built up a wealth of expertise in the health sector as a result.

An example of some healthcare projects are:

IT Projects

(1) Project-manage the implementation of a range of clinical systems in an acute hospital, such as PAS, PMI, A&E, Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory Suite, Physiotherapy, Surgical Audit, etc.

(2) Project-manage the implementation of an ERP system in an acute hospital, including a suite of financial systems, billing systems, stock control, payroll, HR management, etc.

(3) Project-manage the installation and operation of a paper-light RIS-PACS system in a private radiology clinic

(4) Project-manage the integration and upgrade of a Radiology system in a large acute hospital

(5) Project-manage the implementation of an integrated financial, medical records and appointments system

(6) Review, design and implement the IT infrastructure and IT systems for a public hospital

(7) Write a specification and project-manage a national tender, and the implementation of a suite of integrated financial and payroll systems for a large voluntary health organisation

Management Projects

(8) Provide interim practice management services to a private medical clinic

(9) Review and advise on new management structures for a chain of medical clinics

(10) Provide independent management services in the the legal and financial due diligence for a firm selling a medical business

(11) Provide expert witness services for a medical software product

(12) Develop a strategy for providing services to disabled persons

(13) Re-organise staff roles in a public health organisation and recruit new management positions

(14) Prepare a policies and procedures manual for the finance department of a public hospital

(15) Provide management services for a large Radiology practice

(16) Prepare a review of a national surgical service

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